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Embrace the Beauty of Your Dreams


SANNA, artist

The founder of KaikuArt, Sanna Anttonen, is self-taught artist from Finland. The studio is located in Kainuu, Finland. The place is special for the entire Anttonen family and has created a landscape of the family's soul for 34 years. The immeasurably beautiful landscape, pure nature, and restful silence provide the best possible environment for creativity.

"In my youth, I had one dream profession: designer. However, life took a different course, I didn't get into one of Finland's most prestigious art school. So I went into business as far away from art as possible. While working in the banking industry in various positions, I have learned an incredible amount about working with different people. Sales work and customer work are creative activities to the greatest extent.

However, my free time was filled with hands-on work with different materials - for example, glass. Everything changed when my daughter announced that she needed an acrylic painting. After a couple of months, there were dozens of boards and supplies. I spent my evenings watching various technique videos, and the weekends putting them into practice. I knew I had come home."

Sanna, member of Suomen Taiteilijat ry

Kuvaaja Emilia Korpela_edited.jpg

marketing comms

For a long time, I was the person whose walls were decorated with framed interior posters, lacking the depth and soul of true artistry. However, everything has changed with my mother's enthusiasm...

KaikuArt's story started when we moved to a new home in Helsinki, capital of Finland. Even though the home immediately felt beautiful, something was missing... That's how I started to dream of an acrylic painting and asked my artistic mother to make it happen.​​

The result? 'Harmony' — a mesmerizing artworkk that left me utterly speechless. In that moment, I beheld my mother's boundless talent in awe. As an entrepreneur entrenched in the world of marketing, armed with a master's degree in communication, a new synergy emerged: Mother, the artist, and I, the marketer, birthing the vision of KaikuArt.

Now, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with us. Let us find an original masterpiece that resonates with your essence. Reach out to us at

Yours in creativity,
Inka, VTM

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